"Our exclusive 2 Trouser Suits are the perfect combination of luxury and durability."

If you wear a suit everyday then you’ve probably experienced your trousers wearing out before your jacket does. It's not a garment fault, but when you think about how much your trousers get worn vs the jacket you can start to understand why it happens.

Your trousers are more likely to wear out before a jacket because there is more stress being placed on the trouser fabric with your day to day movements. Your entire weight rests on the seat of your pants, so when you are sitting in your car, desk or even Friday night drinks, your pants are under more stress than your jacket. So how do you keep your suits’ heart pumping?....An extra pair of trousers.

Made from Super 100’s & Super 110’s Pure Wool, the trouser is lined front and back to the knee to protect from friction and moisture, adding extra durability without compromising comfort and by rotating the wear of your 2 trousers you can double the life of your suit.

 A small investment at the time you buy the suit is a smart decision for your suits’ longevity. Available from brands like Wolf Kanat, Boston, Cambridge, Gibson. 

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