The Blog Feb 22, 2017

Peter Shearer x Ice Factor

Collaborating with Ice Factor, an organisation that helps troubled and disadvantaged teens get back on track by using ice hockey, see how 8 teens became the face of our 2017 School Formal Suit Hire campaign, with all the awesome photos from the shoot.

In September 2016 we set out to update and redesign our School Formal Suit Hire campaign. At the same time we were approached by Marie Shaw the director of Ice Factor, an organisation that helps troubled and disadvantaged teens get back on track by using ice hockey as a platform. We helped Ice Factor by providing outfits for their end of year event that included a fashion parade.

After attending the event and hearing some of the inspiring stories of these young people and seeing how confident the boys were on the catwalk we thought it would be a good idea to give some of the guys an opportunity to further their confidence by becoming the next Peter Shearer School Formal models.

The premise behind the campaign and the photoshoot is ‘transformation’. With Ice Factor the boys have positively transformed their futures and direction in life by being dedicated and putting in effort. This commitment to Ice Factor has brought them to a point in their lives where they are involved in something they never thought they would do.

We got in touch with Marie and pitched the idea; needless to say she loved it and got the ball rolling. With only 8 spots to fill we had and enthusiastic 23 boys come through to a casting session. We narrowed down our selected 8 and contacted them; they were all stoked to be involved.

With Ice Factor the boys must maintain their school grades in order to be allowed to play ice hockey. This obviously requires effort and dedication to both their education and ice hockey teams. Our aim was to supplement this idea by showing that with a little effort and a little education we could transform young scruffy schoolboys to well-dressed young gentlemen.

The boys brought the same dedication and spirit they put into their studies and ice hockey to shoot day. It made our jobs so much easier. It’s was amazing to see them bring the confidence that the Ice Factor program has given them in front of the camera and the results speak for themselves, we think the images look awesome.

The way you conduct yourself along with effort and commitment is what creates opportunity. Dressing well is an attitude that says “I care”, I care about how I am perceived, I care about putting in the effort, and I care about how I conduct myself, it sends a message to people, who you are and what you’re about, so remember to dress carefully, because an opportunity will present itself and you should be ready for your message to be received.

We were very proud to be working with Ice Factor and the boys involved and we hope that they look back on their brief time as a Peter Shearer model with pride.

Well done boys and good luck with all your plans for the future.

Scroll down to see the BEFORE and AFTER photos from the campaign