Peter Shearer | Game Day Ready Look 5

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Suit - The Cambridge suit is the ideal garment for the modern businessman, groom to be or for a day out at the races. Its tailored fit, attention to detail and hard-wearing, luxurious fabrics make it perfect for any occasion. 

Business Shirt - Daniel Hechter shirts have been designed using the finest easy-care fabrics and creatively styled to meet the needs of today's lifestyle.

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Shoes -  A sleek and sophisticated double monk shoe featuring a premium leather upper and a sturdy rubber outsole. The double monk strap design adds elegance, while the cushioned insole provides all-day comfort.

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Without shoes stand up straight with head facing forward and arms to the side. Measure from the top of the head to the floor. The person’s height will determine short, regular or long fitting.

155cm (5’1) – 170cm (5’7) Short

170cm (5’7) – 183cm (6’0) Regular

183cm (6’0) – 198cm (6’6) Long

Place the tape well under the arms, straight across the back, over the shoulder blades and over the chest, insert finger between tape and body and allow  freedom of fit. The measurement is taken with the coat off.

Place tape around body just above hip bones. Insert finger between tape and body and allow freedom of fit.

4 / NECK
Place the tape around the neck at the height the collar would if buttoned. Measure with the shirt collar unbuttoned. Insert finger between tape and body and allow freedom of fit.

With the arms straight down at the sides, place tape at the seam where the shoulder meets the sleeve. Run the tape straight down to a point 2cm below the wrist bone. This measurement is taken with the coat on.

Stand with feet together and trousers up on the waist (the waist centres on the navel). Measure from the top of the waist to the floor without shoes on.

Please provide your shoe size and note whether it is US, UK or EUR. Please note a dress shoe size I 1 size smaller than a sneaker size.

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