Adjust hem - shorten  $    20.00
Adjust waist & seat  $    30.00
Taper leg  $    55.00


Shorten sleeve  $    55.00
Lengthen sleeve  $    60.00
Take in side seams  $    50.00


Slim down - Put in darts  $    20.00
Slim down - Take in side seams  $    25.00
Shorten sleeves  $    35.00
Plus plenty of other alteration services available. Enquire in store.

Book a Fitting

We supply many brands that have different fits even within the same brand. By getting a fitting we can determine the best brand and cut for your body type. We can then tailor the finer details to make it fit you perfectly.

Get your clothing to fit you perfectly with personalised fitting and tailoring.

Peter Shearer have an exclusive range of new suits, shirts, and accessories for the for any upcoming event.

We stock the brands that you know and love such as Gibson, Studio Italia and New England, which means that we can help you in achieving that right combination for your big day.