Wolf Kanat

Passing on his trade through generations creating a craftsmanship of classic tailoring and style.  Wolf Kanat is authentic individuality. 

Melbourne’s Kanat family has a long history of working in the city's rag trade – 94 years to be exact.

It all began with patriarch Wolf Kanat, who arrived in Australia as a teenager, fleeing persecution back home in Belarus.

“He came from a totalitarian regime and he fled to Australia for survival,” explains Jonathan Kanat, one of Wolf’s four grandsons.

In 1926, Wolf set up a tailoring business. Nearly a century later, it’s morphed into a much larger business called Flair Industries, which is still family-run.

Flair makes and distributes a number of menswear brands, but their Wolf Kanat label is closest to their hearts.

Named after their grandfather, Wolf Kanat the label seeks to inject a cheeky stylishness into the men’s retail landscape.

“Wolf was a very stylish man, he was quite a kooky guy, a real character,” recalls Paul, another of Wolf’s four grandsons.

“Essentially five years ago, we decided to reinvigorate our business, put more passion and life into what we were doing. So we actually came up with this idea of Wolf Kanat the brand, that way we could draw on our heritage and embellish it with all the aspects of Wolf that were exciting and interesting, whether it’s the card playing or the horses or love of travel.”

The result is a product unique amongst its menswear competitors.

The label’s suits, for example, are lined with the ace of spades, a nod to Wolf’s love of card playing.

The collars feature a striking blue fabric, recalling the Baltic Sea of his homeland.

Want to know more about this fresh label with long established roots?

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