The Blog Nov 12, 2015

Sock It To Me


You may have noticed blokes are wearing more colour these days, but sometimes it's the colour you can't see that stands out the most. You only need to catch a quick glimpse downwards to see that one in every few men are likely to be sporting a sprightly pair of brightly coloured and outragously patterned socks.

Why the recent demand for the colourful patterned sock? With every passing year, the boundaries in fashion are pushed a little further. While women have been allowed a lot of fluidity with their dress, men have not always been afforded the same luxury, although this is shifting. A perfect example of the changing of the guard (or the socks?) is a wedding. Groomsmen (generally waaaaay down the list in terms of the outfit pecking order) are now finding their feet. A cheeky raise of the hem revealing a funky purple and green spotted sock under a nice black tux makes for a cool wedding shot.

It's what you can't see that stands out the most.

Office wear is also a fine example. While your workplace may call for a practical shirt and suit, businessmen all over Adelaide have been running as fast as their drab brown socks can carry them to our stores so that they can show off their personalities and give themselves a little bit of individuality in a sea of sensible. Your top half says you’re ready to close that deal, your socks say you’d rather be surfing/doing the samba/playing the drums (choose activity as applicable).

If you’re a colourful sock newbie, you may be wanting to know if there’s a hard and fast rule to matching your socks to your outfit. The short answer is no. The ‘get comfortable and grab some popcorn’ answer is to start off basic and go with what feels right. Match your socks to your tie. Wear colours that play nicely together, such as a blue sock with a brown shoe. Most of the fun is knowing that any choice is the right choice, but our staff at Peter Shearer, who have probably tried every combo under the sun, can point you in the right direction.

Spring is the perfect time to add a burst of colour to your wardrobe, and with many different pattern combinations from Fowl Play Fair Game, Ted Baker, Wolf Kanat and more; the only question is: With so many instore, which pair will you shoes? Sorry…choose?